3D Groups

Genuine Relationships. Authentic Conversations.

3D Groups are gender specific groups that meet for one hour a week with the clear goal of God shaping your life to be more like Jesus. In Luke 6:12-19 we get a snapshot of the three dimensions of relationships that Jesus attended to.

Up: intimacy with His Father.

In: community with His disciples.

Out: influencing those outside His life and ministry.

If we want our lives to reflect Jesus, we need to attend to these three dimensions.

3D Groups provide a high challenge and high support environment for that pursuit. These groups function best with three to four people, but we encourage you to start with a vision of multiplication. When you consistently have four to five people, it’s time to invite others to celebrate the life that God has grown up within you and give birth to a new 3D Group!

Located on the link below is a brief explanation of the patterns that provoke life transformation in each of the three dimensions. Each area has a suggested time frame for a one hour meeting. Note: 10 minutes are missing because we need to be talking about the latest movies, sports, technology, fashion, sales and the funniest moments of our week etc... 

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