Baptism is a picture of Christ’s death, burial and resurrection. Although it is not the means by which we are saved, we believe that all individuals who profess Jesus as Lord should be baptized in order to follow the example set for us by Christ and to obey His command. 

At The Bridge Bible Church, we practice baptism by immersion. The word “baptize” means “immerse” or “dip”. Jesus was baptized by immersion, the New Testament practice of baptism was immersion and it is the best way to illustrate His death, burial and resurrection and our new life as a Christian. 

We believe that all individuals who have embraced the truth that “Salvation belongs to the Lord” (Jonah 2:9) should be baptized. We believe that baptism follows salvation. When baptism is presented in the Bible it is always a response to the belief on the part of those baptized. The Bible makes it clear that while babies are precious in God’s sight, and Jesus Himself showed his care for them, there is no clear example in Scripture of a baby being baptized. Therefore we have chosen to follow the pattern of baptizing believers, while at the same time encouraging parents and families in the dedication, nurturing and training in the faith of their little ones until they are of age to personally profess their faith.

Baptisms are offered periodically throughout the year. Please note, the Immerse class is a prerequisite to getting baptized at the Bridge.