Below is an overview of our Core Values. For a more in-depth look at each value, please view our Core Values PDF.

Focusing on the gospel, we will strive to…

Rely upon and submit to the authority of God’s word

The Word of God is the primary means of God revealing Himself to us and should motivate and encourage our hearts to study, meditate, and memorize its content. The Bible unfolds God’s love and redemptive plans for humanity through the revelation of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Word of God trumps personal experience and is vital in keeping us from false ideologies that threaten the abundant life found in Christ. As Christians, it is our duty to submit to the authority of God’s Word rather than succumb to the pressures of surrounding culture. Since belief and behavior are inextricably linked, Christians should seek to become doctrinally and theologically sound. Right thinking shaped by God’s Word will lead to right living. 

Pray unceasingly

Apart from God, there is nothing worthwhile that we can do or accomplish. The gospel of Jesus Christ has torn down the dividing wall of hostility that once existed between God and man and has provided for mankind direct access to God the Father. As sons and daughters of the Most High, we have been afforded the privilege and responsibility of communicating with God through prayer. The Holy Spirit, which serves as the guarantee of our inheritance, works within the life of each believer as we engage in the spiritual discipline of prayer. We will pray unceasingly as we follow Christ in making disciples until Jesus returns or calls us home. 

Worship God in everything we do

Some have heard it said that God created us to worship, but the more accurate thing to say would be that God created us as worshipping. It is never a matter of whether or not we are worshipping, rather, it is a matter of who or what we are worshipping. By design, worship never starts and stops but is something that we continually engage in as human beings. Only when we understand who God is and what He has done for us through Christ, will we strive to offer God everlasting praise and worship. Marveling at the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ will compel us to worship God. As the body of Christ, we will strive to glorify God through worship in song, loving our family, showing kindness to our neighbors, serving our community and loving like Christ, all of which are tangible expressions of worship.

Build intrusive communities of grace

We will strive to spread the glory of God as we live our lives together under the Kingship of Jesus. Community is not an option; it is a biblical mandate! It is in community where we will preach the gospel to ourselves, to one another, and to our surrounding communities through word and deed. It is in community where we are able to speak and engage one another with grace as we follow Christ together. It is in the context of community where we will care and be cared for, serve and be served, know and be known, accept and be accepted, forgive and be forgiven, love and be loved. We believe that the Bible teaches us that life change happens best within the context of an authentic, gospel-centered community where grace abounds.

Be a generous people

Everything comes from God. Our recognition of this compels us to embrace our role as managers and stewards of all that God has provided. We recognize that God has proven His generosity towards us materially, but also spiritually through the gospel. As a response to who God is (King over all of creation) and what He’s done for us through Christ, it is our desire to demonstrate our appreciation through a lifestyle of generosity. We understand the importance of obedience to God’s word as it relates to giving generously and will strive to do so with our money, love, passion, and our very lives. 

Serve one another

It’s not about us! We want to celebrate together the same spirit of servant-hood that Christ exemplified towards others while on earth. It is our desire that we would allow the gospel to motivate us to faithfully serve one another with the gifts God has provided each of us. This will require living as humble and obedient servants of Christ. It will require selfless acts of love towards others. While this will be challenging for us to do, it will also serve as one of the greatest testaments of our love for Christ. It is our hope and desire that through sacrificial acts of service, the love of Christ will be spread throughout Somerset and the surrounding communities.

Show honor to one another

In order to show honor to one another we must first understand that all men and women were created in the image of God. When we understand this, we will value them and view people the way God views them. We believe that in honoring one another, we honor the Lord. Honoring others means valuing and even giving up our own rights for others. It means seeking to value all individuals in all scenarios. It also means putting on humility as we value the counsel, wisdom, and mentoring of those who exhibit love for Christ.

Eagerly seek unity

It is of utmost importance that we preserve the unity that God has established for us through Christ. Factions and divisions in the church fail to display the oneness of the body of Christ that is so frequently spoken about in the Bible. It is our desire to see the church showcase unity in the midst of a divided world, in order that the world might be won over to the love of Christ. We will not seek unity to forsake the gospel, but for the sake of the gospel. This means that we will be bold and forthright in the things that lead to abundant life in Christ and that we will be tolerant of one another concerning secondary issues or matters of conscience.

Do all things with excellence for the glory of God

So that we do not fall into the trappings of legalism and performance-based theology, we will first meditate upon what the incarnation of Jesus Christ perfectly and excellently accomplished for mankind: Jesus Christ, God in the flesh, lived a perfect life for us. Jesus Christ, God in the flesh, was crucified on a cross for us, paying the penalty for our sins. Jesus Christ, God in the flesh was resurrected from the dead, defeating sin and death. Jesus Christ, God in the flesh, ascended into heaven where He perfectly rules and reigns over all of creation.

Disciple and deploy kingdom-minded leaders

We value leaders and leadership and are committed to equipping believers to be kingdom-minded influencers. It is our desire to train children who will stand for Christ in their schools; to train businessmen and women who will extend the love of Jesus in the marketplace; to train up others who will rise up to start new churches and reach communities with the life-changing message of the gospel. It is our hope and desire to help equip individuals to go beyond themselves in order that they might take the love of Christ to a lost world. Our legacy will be a community of kingdom-minded leaders.