The Bridge Bible Church has four strategic pillars that provide the filter or lens through which every decision must be evaluated to ensure all that we put our hands to aligns with the Bridge mission statement and glorifies God. While our core values describe our being, our pillars show our doing.


Know and Go. We desire to be a church that makes disciples who make disciples. To this end, we strive to know Christ intimately and deeply. Wherever we go (including where we live and work), we witness and take every available opportunity to share and teach all that Christ commanded us. Within the body, we use our small groups and classes to deepen our understanding of Christ and His Word. Our mission team looks for and provides various opportunities locally and abroad to go and share the gospel. 


We were designed for community. A key part of that is one-anothering well. The New Testament is full of challenges to “one another”, to actually “do” something towards another person. These behaviors come from an overflow of our relationship with Jesus, and they are about sharpening, challenging, and building one-another up. If a person only attends the Sunday Gatherings, they can easily feel disconnected. Needs can be missed, and transparency doesn’t happen well. 3D and community groups, then, are where we make the effort to go deeper and develop honest, grace-filled relationships with accountability.


The heart of prayer is communication with God. Praying together strengthens the bond we have as the family of God, so both private and corporate prayer are important parts of the life of the church. This act of trusting and worshiping God, of asking and interceding, and of submitting to His leadership, is integral to truly striving together as one for the sake of the gospel.


Our goal is to draw a person’s mind and heart—from the moment they arrive until the moment they leave—toward Christ. We want to take a few elements and bring them together in such a way that it helps people to connect to truth and apply or respond to it in positive ways. The service serves as a time of celebration and worship, evangelism and learning, community with God and with man, and a time of prayer.