Community Groups

We’re all wired for community.

Community groups are small gatherings of people that meet regularly for friendship, study, prayer, accountability, laughter, and occasionally tears. They’re a place where we learn more about Jesus and wrestle with the truths of the Bible as we encourage one another toward full life development toward Jesus. At the heart of each community group is the desire to see an authentic community marked by love for Jesus, one another and those around us.

It is our hope and desire for each community group within the Bridge to display the gospel to one another and to non-believers. At the end of the day, we hope that participants in community groups can describe the totality of their community group as one similar to the one described in ACTS 2:42-47. Theirs was marked by six attributes, which were fueled by and a result of the gospel. Much like them, we strive to be committed to:

  • Studying God’s word together

  • Praying together

  • Remembering Jesus together

  • Be generous to one another

  • The fellowship together

  • Engaging non-believers

Why Should You Join A Community Group?

As a follower of Christ, you were called into Christian community. The Bible says that when we became followers of Christ, we became part of the body of Christ. We were created for community with one another; when we are not living in community with other believers we are likely to suffer as we live life in a sinful world alone. The journey as a Christian was not meant to be lived alone and in isolation. The God of the Bible is a Trinitarian God who is one and three persons, which is a perfect picture of community: Father, Son and Spirit.  God made us in his image, which means we were designed to be in community and are wired for friendship. 

We invite you as followers of Christ to join in community with others not because we want to require it of you, but because you were designed for it. In fact, it is a gift from God and is ultimately a result of the gospel. We invite those who are not followers of Christ into community with us as well to witness the gospel on display for them to see firsthand. The gospel message can be beautifully depicted and seen in Christian community and we hope that it will be a testament to the message of Jesus Christ.